I Remember Them All

I've been to many places, when I was younger, from belgium to bulgaria. I met alot of people while traveling thru by train and then by car.

CHORUS: One thing that, I could see, was people wanted to believe. Young and old they kept me near, wanting me to love and care. and now many years have come and gone, But I still remember them all.

I saw little children, they followed me, with cheap precious gifts to bear. woman sewed me aprons and cross weaved patterns, and treated me with utmost care.


I saw an old woman bent o'r completely, she could not stand up tall, I couldnt 'keep my eyes from looking at her, It didnt' seem fair at all.

© 2007. KAREN LINK

Guitar RC Andrews, Flute Lyrics, Vocals Karen Link. Jim Bouchard Mastering and mixing

Thru and Thru

Clouds have covered, the sun we've grown to love. There trying to hide us, from the angels far above.

CHORUS: My life'll go, on and on even after I am gone. For I am a part of you, and (your my friend) thru and thru

night sky's clear the clouds have gone on by. check out that shooting star. for its about to die.

CHORUS: My life'll go, on and on even after I am gone. For I am a part of you, and (your my friend) thru and thru

© 2007. KAREN LINK

Guitar, Mixing and Mastering Jim Bouchard. Vocals, lyrics, arrangement Karen Link

Too Many

All around me trouble. I don't want to see, that' s not what my life was meant for. Time is movin, at a pretty good clip Im thinking you and I will never fit. If we could slip in a quiet place. I would rest awhile with you.

CHORUS too many controls, too many wars too many drugs, Too many souls all goin nowhere and all for what . But I was hopin with you itd be different.

never understood People hurtin others. haven't they ever felt their own pain. But in the song of life, the good and bad you give. will come back for you to relive. And then you'll want to slip in a quiet place But there's no rest for you in site.

© 2007. KAREN LINK

Guitar RC Andrews. Flute, Vocals, Lyrics and arrangement Karen Link. Mastering and Mixing Jim Bouchard

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